A few Words About Us

A mosaic workshop in Chania, Crete

The Marinella Mosaic Workshop in Crete is a private school run by Marinella Owens- Canzoniere, an internationally renowned artist and her daughter/assistant Maria-Irini Canzoniere. 

The school teaches various techniques/methods and the use of the materials ceramics, tiles and glass to produce unique works of art, which the student can take home at the end of the course. The workshop offers the opportunity to escape the stress of everyday life having a hands-on experience with ceramics and mosaics. 

A perfect activity for art lovers and lovers of greek/cretan culture. With little to no amount of experience, you can relax doing fun activities that help you express your artistic nature through the rediscovery of ancient techniques. 

The school offers courses 5 days a week. These courses will be divided in 3-4 categories in order to accommodate students with various levels of experience. 

Meet the Team

Marinella owens-Canzoniere
Co-founder, Italo-Cretan Artist
Irini Canzoniere
Co-Founder , Teacher
an art that lives

“For me mosaics are not just archeology but a living and breathing art form”

a mixture of techniques and culture


Marinella is an artist who paints and creates mosaics using vibrant colours. Born in Zurich (of Cretan-Sicilian parents), Switzerland in 1975, her Greek sense of beauty is inspired by the art of the Byzantine empire and a deep sensitivity for the painters of the Italian Renaissance.

Marinella is to be considered an emerging artist, however, with her knowledge of Renaissance/Byzantine techniques, her talent for colour and the deep and powerful reaction people have towards her works, she will not remain unknown to the international artistic public for long. 

Marinella speaks 4 languages (Greek, Italian, English and German)

Maria-Irini Canzoniere

Maria-Irini Canzoniere, daughter of Marinella, is the co-founder of the Marinella Mosaic Workshop in Crete. Born in 1997 in Zurich, after graduating high school she finished her studies in Computer Science in a university in Switzerland, is currently studying Business/Marketing, Art history and Ceramics.

Irini speaks 5 languages (Greek, Italian, English, German and Spanish).

Ready to create timeless art